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Lesson 25     She is so cheerful that everybody likes her

Wielokrotnie wysłuchaj nagrania. Naucz się podkreślonych słów i wyrażeń. Następnie czytaj na głos powtarzając za lektorem. Aby zobaczyć polskie tłumaczenie kliknij na tekst angielski.
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The diplomat’s work was so demanding that he didn’t have time for a private life.
Although his wife loved him, she left because she was tired of being alone all the time.
This diet was so monotonous that most dieters returned to their old eating habits.
Although they felt hungry, some dieters preferred to leave their meals unfinished rather than eat the same food day after day.
The woman was desperate enough to snatch a baby from the pram left outside the shop by the baby’s mother.
Although she trusted her boyfriend, she was afraid he would leave her if he found out that she had lost her baby.
The man was determined enough to wait on the doctor’s doorstep for two hours before the doctor eventually turned up.
Although he was a proud man, he was ready to make any sacrifices necessary to make his daughter see again.
The man was not too afraid to try to cross the river near the waterfall.
Although he knew he could drown if the strong current took him down the river, he took his chance and got into the boat.
She was not too stupid to know that the odds were against her.
Although everybody spoke in favour of equality in the workplace, there was a tendency to promote men faster and give them more ambitious projects to do.
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Pobierz i wydrukuj listę nowych słów do lekcji. Przepisz ręcznie wszystkie słowa angielskie z listy. Naucz się ich znaczenia poprzez zakrywanie raz słów angielskich i raz polskich.
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‘Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic.’  
‘That's all right.’  
1 Wyrażenia zastępujące czasownik may, might
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