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Lesson 20     The room was furnished with elegance

Wielokrotnie wysłuchaj nagrania. Naucz się podkreślonych słów i wyrażeń. Następnie czytaj na głos powtarzając za lektorem. Aby zobaczyć polskie tłumaczenie kliknij na tekst angielski.
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Mark walked on stilts with grace.
His father was an acrobat and his grandfather too.
Acrobatics ran in his veins.
Sue learned the alphabet without a teacher at the age of three.
Her parents are very intelligent and her brother is considered a mathematical genius.
Exceptional intelligence is in her genes.
Josh mastered Spanish by means of listening to native speakers and reading aloud.
His elder brother spoke four languages and his sister was proficient in three.
His whole family had a good ear for languages.
He broke into the office with the help of an accomplice and stole $70,000 worth of computer equipment.
It was an act of revenge for what he thought was unfair dismissal.
It put his career on hold for four years during which he was doing his time.
Luke wrote his first script in college with the aid of his French literature teacher, who was an amateur dramatist.
It was later purchased by a film studio for a price that exceeded even the most optimistic expectations of the authors.
She learned the tune from hearing the tribesmen sing it at the time when she travelled a lot and lived the life of a vagabond.
Five years later it became a great hit.
Arthur amassed a great deal of knowledge through reading.
He worked as a librarian and was a typical bookworm.
Few students and professors knew that this shy man authored one of the best philosophical blogs on the net.
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Pobierz i wydrukuj listę nowych słów do lekcji. Przepisz ręcznie wszystkie słowa angielskie z listy. Naucz się ich znaczenia poprzez zakrywanie raz słów angielskich i raz polskich.
Lista słów do pobrania w PDF.
‘I'm so glad you could come.’  
‘Thank you for inviting me tonight.’  
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